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Top 7 Facebook Marketing Trends for 2019

There's no doubt that Facebook has changed the manner in which individuals associate and convey. Also, with the proceeded with development of the stage since its 2004 dispatch, Facebook patterns have progressively affected how computerized advertisers carry on. This has made Facebook advertising as pivotal a part of the business as any.

The following are a portion of the Facebook patterns you have to grasp in the coming year in the event that you need to keep pace in the domain of Facebook advertising.

Here are we will discuss about Top Facebook Marketing Trends You should know in 2019-2020


1. Video will Still Be Huge:

In 2018, video was the undisputed lord of content. And keeping in mind that various varieties of video developed consistently (ephemeral, live, and so on.), this year, video will stay a basic piece of Facebook promoting.

There are different investigations and details that back this up, yet maybe none more persuading than Mark Zuckerberg saying that Facebook clients watch a normal of 100 million hours of video consistently. Also, the inconceivable measure of Facebook recordings expended have been found to get 135 percent more natural  reach than photographs.

These are only a portion of the reasons why, despite the fact that brands should as of now have gotten on board with the video temporary fad,  46 percent of advertisers still intend to add Facebook video to their computerized showcasing plan in the coming year.


2. Going Live :

Utilizing Facebook Live for promoting has gotten progressively increasingly significant since it was turned out to all clients in April 2016. Internet searcher Journal found that their normal Facebook Live commitment was 178 percent higher than their normal post commitment. The normal reach of Live presents additionally expanded on more than twofold.

Facebook Live recordings' natural feel (rather than curated ones), just as the manner in which it takes into account ongoing cooperation’s among distributers and crowds, are a major piece of why the organization has been to a great extent fruitful up to this point.


Here are a few hints on the most proficient method to best use Facebook Live for showcasing


Create a Facebook Event:

This is a decent method for making your supporters mindful of a coming Live communicate previously. Thus, you ought to likewise distribute posts (over the entirety of your online networking channels) in the number one spot up declaring the calendar of Live communicates, so crowds know precisely when to anticipate them.

Social shares:

As the communicate is going on, plan social offers utilizing a steady hashtag, so it will be simpler for your supporters to locate the live substance. You ought to likewise incorporate the URL of your Facebook page, and label the relevant individuals/brands engaged with the communicate.

Recap: In the event that you plan on having standard live communicates, you could additionally expand mindfulness for it by distributing recap posts. Incorporate connects to the implanted recordings, so the individuals who passed up a major opportunity can get all the more a visual piece of information to what went down.

The growth of AR/VR on Facebook

At its Facebook F8 2017 occasion, Zuckerberg made no mystery of the heading they were taking AR and VR. The web based life mammoth has never been known to sit tight, and with Camera Effects Platform, and Facebook Spaces, it's hoping to lead the path towards an energizing new domain of cooperation.


3. Camera Effects Platform:

There are three key aspects of Facebook’s new AR platform:

Precise location: Precise location can place varying imagery in the camera’s viewfinder. During the event, Zuckerberg showed an image of a cereal bowl with sharks swimming around it, along with a graphic saying “It’s feeding time” rising from the table.

3D effects: The platform is designed to build out 3D environments using a 2D photo.

Object recognition:  With this, users can use real-time visuals to have new kind of interaction with images. Zuckerberg illustrated this with a photo of a plant, a wine bottle, and a mug. The plant had a thunderstorm graphic pop out to water it, while the wine bottle had an information card showing its price and origins.

In its current form, Zuckerberg admitted that it is but the next step in the evolution of AR, adding that what phone cameras can presently do are just primitive versions of what AR experiences will eventually be.

4. Facebook Spaces:

Initially launched in Oculus Rift and Touch, this platform allows people to interact with friends (as avatars) in virtual reality.

As Facebook’s promotional video shows, Spaces allows for friends to have a place to meet even if they’re not in the same physical space. In the virtual world, users can share various forms of media to each other live.

What it can do for marketers?

As confirmed by E-consultancy, advertisers have just had a sample of what supported Snapchat channels can do. Facebook's Camera Effects Platform sees the previous' channels, and increases present expectations exponentially.

With the stage's capacity to perceive any item (instead of just faces), there is presently a bunch of imaginative marking conceivable outcomes. Item data will simply be the tip of this new imaginative ice sheet, with the probability of clients indicating for all intents and purposes anything (shoes, vehicles, garments, nourishment, and so forth.)— and have a wide range of information (and connection) spring up. With Facebook Spaces, the stage is subject to 360-degree content—something brands will be more than ready to give.

It's fascinating where brands will take this new accessible innovation, however in case you're going to put down a wager on anything, it's on that driving brands are now investigating the tremendous conceivable outcomes.

5. GIF :

In the event that an image paints a thousand words, at that point GIFs can express what words can't. And keeping in mind that its excitement esteem has for some time been valued by netizens, brands are progressively observing what GIFs can accomplish for business.

Normally, shorter recordings get progressively complete perspectives. This is the reason GIFs have gotten progressively important. As substantiated by WordStream, in addition to the fact that it stands out from static pictures, it doesn't require a similar measure of venture, exertion shrewd contrasted with recordings, merry go round, and lead advertisements. Also, you can even repurpose existing video resources as Facebook GIF promotions—making it a success on rehash.


What's more, in the event that you need further persuading of how gigantic GIFs will be in 2019, as indicated by TechCrunch, Giphy has more than 200 million day by day clients sending 1 billion GIFs every day. It's become such immense business that Giphy runs its own studio in Los Angeles for gigantic customers like Nike, Paramount, McDonald's, and FOX.

Here are a few hints on utilizing GIFs for Facebook advertisements:

Keep it smooth:  Choppy changes and strobing impacts don't work for this configuration.

Keep it straightforward: Trying to do a lot with your GIF nullifies the whole point of utilizing it. Ensure that both the message you're attempting to transfer, the changes, and the CTAs are as basic as could be allowed.

Use as a major aspect of a methodology:  Sure, Some GIFs simply have that viral enchantment about them, however you can't rely on yours being one of them. Rather than attempting to make enchantment, use GIF advertisements as a corresponding piece of a progression of visual substance. Ensure you see how to utilize GIFs before expecting to make it your fundamental procedure.

6. Press and Hold Videos: If you haven’t encountered a photo with a CTA to press and hold, then chances are you’re an Android user. The feature (only available for iOS users), basically allows people to physically press a photo before taking them to either a video or an image slideshow. When they lift their fingers off the screen, they're taken back to the static photo (here’s a guide on how to make one).

What it can do for marketers

Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to Facebook marketing, and this format allows you to interact with audiences in real time right on their newsfeeds. Because the format is still relatively new, you can surprise your subscribers with interesting content—at least while its novelty lasts.


7. 360 Photos/Videos : Considered by some to be a form of VR, 360-degree media keeps right in line with the need to create more immersive brand experiences. And because most of the leading brands will continually increase their pivot to video, you’re going to have to find a way to stand out from what will inevitably become white video noise.

What It Can do for Marketers?

Anthony Holland Parkin, head of VR at Getty Images, notes that technological advancements in 360-degree cameras have provided brands with the tools to tell stories from new vantage points. He cited people going to social media during Fashion Week to have a real-time look at next season’s trends.